Principles of post-cycle therapy after taking Trenbolone enanthate

Post-cycle therapy after Trenbolone enanthate
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Post-cycle therapy is one of the steps designed to improve the function of the hypothalamus, pituitary gland, and testicles. Unfortunately, today this is still a lot of people: the next “guru” to come up with his own plan back, although not everything is so difficult – the key is to understand the drug …

It is also known from previous chapters that all steroids affect the function of the hypothalamus and pituitary gland and that men left of the ovaries lose their function without thinking.

Post-cycle therapy after Trenbolone enanthate

Mechanics of Chemical Work

Antiestrogen (SERMs)

All of these drugs are designed to block estradiol receptors. For example, by choice (i.e. selectively) Clomiphene Citrate becomes more abundant in the medium – the hypothalamus and pituitary gland are “blocked”. And in the case of other drugs, they “cause” other organisms and tissues

In fact, here are some key notes:

No estrogen can lower estradiol in the body and the name only indicates its involvement with the E2 receptor. The only drugs that affect the conversion of testosterone to estradiol are Aromatic Inhibitors (AI).

But back to the SERM theme: After blocking the receptors in the hypothalamus and pituitary, when the body does not detect estradiol, active GnRH synthesis, when it reaches the pituitary cells, begins the synthesis of LH. FSH. And synthesize gonadotropin, testosterone and spermatogenesis. Then the testosterone is converted to estradiol, but because the top link of the HHA chain does not see it, the cycle resumes: GnRH -> LH, FSH -> Testosterone, spermatogenesis. Repeat after repeat

Over time, when (and it takes at least 3 weeks) the body’s pulse production becomes accustomed to and stabilizes, antihistamines should be removed from the control system along with examination. During this time it is important to control estradiol and prolactin by avoiding “blockages” as they can interfere with the synthesis of benefits.

In addition, it should be noted that antihistamines themselves are synthetic estrogen. Especially in this context, clomiphene citrate is unique, a synthetic derivative of estradiol that enhances the sensitivity of pituitary cells to GnRH. Other drugs in the SERM class do not have the same quality, but that does not mean that they make it slightly different [1,2]. It should be noted that of all the “TRICAs” present in CSI, tamoxifen, clomiphene, and torremifene are not the most preferred options due to their poor efficacy.

So, the next question is very important…

Tamoxifen or Clomid?

Hello! It seems unbelievable that people have the option to “squeeze” between these two drugs, they are ready to argue for hours at a meeting, they just prove that they are right instead of denying accept and read … select the location tamoxifen. Because of the price, because it is so cheap But I want you to think about some controversy against the use of retailers

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33% of male patients taking tamoxifen had a decrease in libido and decreased erectile dysfunction.
Tamoxifen citrate itself can increase SHBG levels as it directly affects organs and tissues of the body such as estrogen, increasing levels of globulin binding or sex hormones. Of course, clomiphene citrate also increases SHBG levels, but it is not.

Tamoxifen is more potent at visual effects and when both drugs can establish localization (“false myopia”) during drug administration (which occurs after SERM withdrawal), TC is toxic. much for insight.
It gets trickier from here on out, and this is where the benefits of Clomiphene really come from!

And the main difference between CC and TC, which is not drug toxicity, is several: tamoxifen blocks estradiol receptors in the body, while clomiphene citrate only does so in the hypothalamus and pituitary gland.

Next is the ability to increase the number of progesterone receptors on tamoxifen. For example, that can affect the potential after-effects of 19-drug: Nandrolone and Trenbolone. Thus, recovery after this drug can be achieved in TC, even if it is not yet necessary, and in this case the drug of choice would be clomiphene citrate or thoremifene citrate.

Of course, sometimes you have to use two SERMs, but in very rare cases it is necessary. For example, if long-term recovery is predicted and you should not mix the two SERMs without any reason

It should also be noted that CC is increasingly being considered as an alternative to traditional testosterone HRT. Finally, it lacks “traditional” HRT: the effect on blood rheology and lipid profile, while taking CC, fertility is in no case reduced, at most – it improves [10-12].

In addition, no serious complications were identified during the 3 years of CC therapy, as the short-term – 6–12 months of therapy did not cause any problems for the patients.


Human chorionic and monopositive gonadotropins In the male body, they act on the ovaries by stimulating both Laydig cells (testosterone synthesis) and sertoli cells (spermatogenesis). Their main difference is in the active ingredient in the preparation.

If the LH and FSH in the mcg are in a “basic” 50:50 ratio, then hCG really only contains human chorionic gonadotropin, which acts on testicular cells through a pair of receptors: LH/hCG.

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Therefore hHG imitation (“imitation”) more closely mimics the function of LH than FSH.

But for the most part, we’re only interested in HCG because the use of MCG is a narrow area. And hCG is the main drug for people taking AAS to maintain testicle viability. Of course, if a person chooses the path of a samurai, he is unlikely to need hCG …

But if we talk about common people, then if the course lasts more than 10 weeks then it is necessary to use HCG.

I. Introduction of HCG from the first week of the course, it is the best form of administration. Finally, the woman is in a constant “alive” state.

Rules for using the scheme: HCG should be administered in doses 1000-1500 IU of HCG every 7 days, and this should be started in 4-6 weeks, depending on the length and severity of the planned course. Once every 4-6 weeks it is recommended to take a week break, after which drug treatment should continue as before.

II. Introducing HCG in blocks every 4-12 weeks This is not the best option, but it is a right to live Every 4-12 weeks it is necessary to inject 1000-1500 IU of HCG every 3-4 days The drug used 5 to 11 injections depending on the duration and duration of the course

PS When using HCG you should never enter more than 2,500 IU permanently, 1000-1500 IU is the “work” range for most people. If the amount is exceeded, there is a risk of “burning” the ovaries.

Aroma inhibitor

Drugs that inhibit the conversion of testosterone to estradiol. We will consider only the drugs of the third generation P – Anastrozole, Examine, Letrozole. Everyone is effective at keeping E2 at its peak

And here it is worth noting that Letrozol is the most potent of all AI after Anastrozole, and the test should be discussed separately: it is certainly weaker than the three drugs (although in this case it is a conditional comparative ), but it is still steroid and reversible. The latter property does not mean that the aromatase will be “killed”, meaning that it will lose its activity and be used after binding to aromatase, whereas in the case of anastrozole and letrozole the activity is suppressed. Is.

So, for example, the schemes are “1 mg per day for anastrozole for 14 days, and then 0.5 mg for the entire duration of the AAS”, according to the analysis, its dosage is first selected and secondly, it is suppressed. goes. A specific percentage of aromatizing activity and if the dosage is adjusted, this is done only under the control of the analysis. The next chapter is about IA in the context of recovery …

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Post-cycle therapy after Trenbolone enanthate

Mesterolone (environment)

Androgen, which, according to popular belief, helps in “recovery”. But the government statement also said: “In men with hypogonadism, androgen is present, when androgen is not recognized by clinical and biochemical tests.”

And there he also said: “Mesterolone (environment) contains androgenic substances. Previous studies have shown that oral mesterolone generally does not affect the production of gonadotropin or endogenous testosterone. later found that the drug can affect the HHA activity at a dose of 75-100 mg per day.

For this reason, “recovery” with Mesterolone is a stupid idea. After all, a person is really in a “must have” state with a synthetic androgen.

GR and its stimulants.

In particular, it should be understood: MM growth in MM with AAS is not affected by hormones.

It should be noted that the FDA (US Food and Drug Administration) does not authorize the use of peptides: “GHRP-6” or “Growth Hormone Release Agent” and other drugs sold under the name “IGF” or “Insulin”. -Like a well-developed, popular peptide with bodybuilders for muscle and strength gain, it has not been approved by the FDA for any specific purpose. The FDA has issued a call for use of force. [21,22]

GnRH correlation

Drugs used to “revitalize” the pituitary gland: gonadorelin, tryptorrelin, buserelin, etc. They are used for drug castration (as well as problems for the development of oncology), as well as for functional testing of the pituitary gland.

The most popular drug in this category is Gonadorelin As many manufacturers start selling it as “testosterone peptide”. Of course, by boosting the pituitary gland, a person can get LH and FSH and get testosterone and sperm motility. No shock But it may also be drug castration with hyperstimulation of the pituitary gland. And all plans into the network can only lead to two more …

Yes, if necessary (easy recovery – when the hypothalamus or pituitary gland does not respond to arousal with antihistamines), it is possible to use long-acting GnRH analgesia to “kick” the small pituitary gland bit, but you should. As the support of experts, and not in “need”